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The name’s Baines, Jeffrey Baines. That’s my alias going into Secret Cinema on the 27th June.

I should tell you that from the tiny nuggets leaked from the Bond community surrounding the inner-workings of Secret Cinema, it’s a lascivious affair.

Participants are given several tasks and missions to negotiate once inside. It’s a full immersive experience that puts you in the C&J Camberley’s of James Bond himself.

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If you’ve already purchased your Casino Royale Secret Cinema tickets you’ve more than likely chosen your alias and branch detail. I’m Jeffery Baines, Fashion Impresario.

You have many other sector alias’s such as Media Mogul, Music Producer, Trust Fund Socialite, Venture Capitalist and Tech Entrepreneur.

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Below is what I’ve etched out for my backstory.

Fashion Impresario

Jeffrey Baines. I’m the CEO of Indigo Green. Our company conducts audits and safety measures on fashion supply chains to ensure their denim is sourced ethically.

Questions I anticipate. (After I’ve been asked name and occupation).

business cards secret cinema

Do you like gambling? 

Who doesn’t like to live a little dangerously. Though I hope no smart-alec comes in and asks to double the blinds I’m down to my last tenner you see.

And what brings you here? 

Everyman needs a hobby.

And what’s yours?

Masturbating. Wait I mean, sh*t. I don’t know, erm. Hey here’s an interesting fact did you know the French don’t have a word for hobby?

Yep it’s true. Christ it’s harder than it looks this secret spy flirting stuff isn’t it.

How many people work in your company?

It varies. I manage large operations. I could have any given number of people under me at any time.  (Nice and flirty, not sexist).

What will I be wearing to Secret Cinema?

me in a hugo boss tuxedo and yellow shirt

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Shirt – silk bespoke. Regular collar, cocktail cuffs, mother of pearl buttons.

Tuxedo – Hugo Boss 100% Virgin Wool, Silk facing peak lapels, double vent, flap pockets straight, flat front trousers. (gifted)

Tie – Geometric, Pierce Brosnan inspired, handmade silk.

Watch – 65 Divers, Oris. (gifted)

Stay tuned for the next episode of the From Tailors With Love podcast dropping this 19th June where I’ll be talking more about Secret Cinema with David Zaritsky from The Bond Experience. AND find out what happened when I met Barbara Broccoli last week.

David has already posted a Vlog, a report from Blair Ballard, on what to expect. Tiny tiny spoilers included.

Standard Tickets are still available and the Casino Royale production runs until the 22nd September 2019

Disclosure: I have been gifted a ticket. All thoughts are my own.


Update: Secret Cinema has extended it’s run until 6th OCT


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