Getting in a suit is a rare event for me. A couple of years ago I spunked over 400 sheets on a suit at Oscar Milo in Spitalfields and had buyers regret within 5 seconds of leaving the store. It wasn’t so much that I had bought a dog-sh*t suit, but that I got sold a dog-sh*t suit. I allowed the greasy sales guy to stroke my ego enough and tickle my balls to the extent that I felt like a London gangster in the fitting room. But when I caught my reflection in  the boozer around the corner, without the nurturing words of reassurance from the sales guy on commission, the suit was exposed. It had zero flair, zero flamboyance, a baggy cut – it was a suit you’d wait tables in, not turn heads in a casino. Now I could rip into Oscar Milo for selling dog-sh*t suits, but it was my own fault for allowing myself to be so easily seduced, buying the first suit I tried on because I was more interested in getting a pint over the road.


I look fed up, but that is just my resting face

Anyway, ironically it has come full circle. Going from blowing my wad on a suit I wore once to getting one for free from Burtons. As part of the #SmartOccasion campaign Burtons Menswear have kindly kitted me out with this 3-piece to look the part in at the Cheltenham Festival on Wednesday. I aim to drink what Bill Hicks would call ‘A heroic dose’ of alcohol at the meet, which always leaves me susceptible to forgetfulness. Losing wallets, keys etc. So I’m happy to have a suit jacket with flap pockets as opposed to jetted. Also 3 inside pockets, perfect for the card wallet, phone and business cards. It comes complete with a blue printed interior lining and matching pull out pocket hanky, finished off perfectly with a circular lapel pin. The suit trousers feature belt loops and flat front styling, along with hook and bar, and zip fastening. They come half lined and fully finished, with a smart tailoring crease through the centre. Complete the look with some burnished Burton Brogues and an MVMT watch and see you at the party Richter!




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