Galactalove - Supporting Image 04 by Alice Pepperell

Artful Badger return to the VAULT Festival in Waterloo for the 5th anniversary of their unrivalled annual Valentine’s Ball. Travel to the ends of the Earth and beyond, trek through solar systems and speed past stars as they embark on an outrageously amorous Galactic Love adventure! We spoke to Sam Ritchie from Sam and the Womp and he gave us the load down on what to expect:


Quick background on you. 

I’m a trumpet player and musician and general party-goer. Started in 2009 just as an experiment, mixing genres, then it blew up in 2012 with ‘Bom Bom’ and we did the festival scene after that. I play guitar, bass, piano, very important to play more than the trumpet if you’re songwriting, but it’s a collective experiment it’s a large live band; drums bass sax, keys, etc It’s a seven-piece ensemble. We take the band where we can. The live thing is what it’s all about.

A word on the organisers..

You have to experience an Artful Badger party (organisers), we’ve been doing gigs with them 7 years now. We headlined Secret Garden Party a couple of times through them. Although I’m a dad now, got a three-year-old, can’t be staying up and partying for five night straight, haven’t got it in me.

What can I expect to see at the Galactic Love Ball this Weekend?

Two-night party, Gypsy Hill are playing on Friday, there are three rooms, all with various things going on. There’ll be fire, an aerial performance but there’s this interactive experience that people don’t expect. Could change your life for the better. Especially in the run up to Valentine’s. It’s really creative, sparkle-magic. Doors open at 10pm, the bands kick off at 11pm we’re on at 1am.

What’s on the horizon for you?

This is the London show, can’t really tell you about the gigs coming up because the festival line-ups haven’t been announced yet. But it all kicks off around April and you’ll hear about it.

Galactalove - Supporting Image 05 by Alice Peperell

Galactalove - Temp Main Image by Alexander Michaelis

Galactic Love Flyer Front



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