In 2017 men’s grooming is now one of the fastest growing industries within the British beauty market. Men’s skincare was worth an estimated £60 million in 2016, seeing a rise of 20% in the past five years. The Salon Services UK recently released a report in which it stated a jaw-dropping 21,000 jobs within the hair and skincare industry will be created in the next 12 months in order to meet men’s increasing beauty demands.

Fuse that with a push towards an eco-conscious society it’s no wonder that brands like Aesop are becoming more prevalent on the high street. With retail metrics sliding off the face of a cliff will other online cosmetic brands follow suit and challenge them? The real question is why is it that men have been facing mounting pressure from there partners, work colleagues and the general public who no longer find beer bellies, unkempt hair or facial hair acceptable?


Perhaps the notions of what is now considered to be handsome and considered ‘masculine’ has dramatically shifted from the rugged silver screen stars of yesteryear, rescuing diminutive and caricature damsels in distress, to perfectly manicured footballers with the conspicuous neck tattoos.

Perhaps our obsession with materialism, the selfie culture, the rise of online dating apps, men now have to gear themselves towards being as photogenic as the Aston Martin they sit on for the purpose of a profile picture.


Could this be the secret to the success of Male super model David Gandy? The 30-something from Essex has somehow cornered a market away from the waif androgynous catwalk models that were ubiquitous in the 90’s. On first glance Gandy is a seemingly rugged brut of a man. Chiseled, effortless, almost from a bygone era of 60’s Bond where you wouldn’t be surprised to see him being the face of Malboro instead of an ambassador of Wellman’s vitamins.

The question is now often asked, do women want a man who’s perfectly smooth and rose scented or a man who is rough and smells of soil?

Article by Sharon Anne

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