Reflection Pictures from my Nikon D300

Morning all, these are just reflective-nonsense pictures that I post over on my personal Instagram.

As the missus says, ‘it’s another fantastic talent you’ve acquired that will generate zero revenue’.

shop window


Since coming back from Miami our time has been monopolised by shopping for furniture, lights and mirrors for our new home.

I keep myself entertained by snapping myself in abstract -mirror-mosaic mirrors.

Bt tower


Above is the famous BT Tower, did you know that’s not open to the public because some asshole planted a bomb in the toilet back in the 70’s. Do you know how much money this city is losing in the tourist buck alone because of that?

I don’t have time to do the math but, ok l do have time hang on..

It had 4,632,822 until the time of its closure. That’s 772,137 visitors a year. That BT Tower would have scored over 29 million visitors since it’s closure, not accounting for growth population.

If you charged everyone a tenner to go up there, well there you. The £290 million pound bomb.


Why publish these reflective photos on this blog?

Because I pay the server fees asshole I can do what I like.


It’s a good question. I’m having a rethink on what this blog is going to do next. Is it fashion? Travel? Is it just James Bond related stuff?

Well in truth it’s going to be all of that. I want it to be a place that I can upload thoughts from time to time. You know, let off some steam. I will be deleting old Top 5’s articles that are no longer relevant to the blog.

It’s therapeutic for me to take these pictures and when I post them on Instagram I try and utilise that time by typing something in Russian.

Fuck that’s a tough language. Should have stuck to Spanish. Or English. Wasn’t bad at English at one point.


Where else for reflections?

Click on any image to follow my personal Instagram. If you would like to use these reflections in any way please credit me. These are compressed images, I have the full size ones stashed away.

london high street london

nikon mirror nikon d300 half man instagram red reflect man covent garden


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