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The Brown Forman Brands

Food and booze is what keeps the Winter spirit alive on the lead up to 25th December.  Arriving at the Brown Forman Event I was able to choose a whisky not only for the big day but also learn a few new things to take away for myself.

The main 4 brands under Brown Forman are the accustomed Jack Daniels Single Barrel Select, Gentleman Jack, Old Forester and Woodford Reserve.

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Whisky tasting experience

Each section full of different stories and strengths depending on the event. Myself not being a great whisky lover, I didn’t know what to expect.

However, after hearing about the wonderful heritage of each of the offerings, I started to enjoy not only the aroma but the overall experience.

The use of whisky in history for medicine, trade and several regulations, made the story behind each whisky very personal and endearing.

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Lets start with ..

Starting off on Woodford Reserve, it’s triple distilled and twice barrelled. This whisky isn’t for someone wanting a light aroma. Kentucky based rich and full bodied bourbon is great for after dinner or on the rocks between destinations.

Hints of caramel, complex citrus and spicy notes of cinnamon you cannot help but appreciate the fulfilling warmth this whisky gives you.

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Old Forester

Old Forester was up next and the story is what helps magnify what this whisky truly means to all bourbon lovers alike. The first to produce a bottled whisky in 1870 ‘Kentucky Straight Bourbon’.

This was widely used for medicine by doctors. William Forester and the founder George Garvin Brown collaborated to make a business.

This bourbon suiting anyone testing out a new invention or business idea. ‘Statesman on the Rocks’ has nice honey spots, the smell of leather on the nose. No Caramel added or extra flavours, just wood on the barrel to make this bourbon a true classic.

bottle of woodford reserve next to a potted plant

Enter Jack Daniels Gentleman Jack

The next two almost speak for themselves, Jack Daniels being one of the mainstream and popular bourbons. As many do not know the history, I was delighted to find out more.

‘JD Single Barrel Select’ & ‘JD Gentleman Jack’ were both presented beautifully and classically. Starting with the ‘Single Barrel Select’ a 150-year-old element of premium, with musk and tones of vanilla, coriander seeds and dark chocolate.

This is for the extraordinary man or lady seeking luxury and depth in a bourbon. Each bottle coded and barrelled differently for individuality.

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Cocktail Recipes

Classically ‘Gentlemen Jack’ shows the same beautiful attributes, however in a subtler way. Laid back and mellow, aged and mellowed again you can taste the journey of this beautiful and diverse spirit.

Lighter and more refined this was my personal favourite. ‘Gentleman Jack’ I would suggest for anyone who is truly a gentleman, as this can be used in cocktails for the ladies also.

Cocktail Suggestion:

Woodford Reserve – Rye Bitters

Old Forester – Whiskey Smash

JD Single Barrelled Select – Farnell

Gentleman Jack – Mint Julep

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Article by Kalifa Macauley



  1. Jemila Macauley
    July 27, 2017 / 9:18 pm

    What an enjoyable experience being taken through that..

    As a lover of JD I was very intrigued to learn about the history the back ground story!! And the ingredients..

    Well written.
    Thank you!

  2. Leoni Larbi
    July 28, 2017 / 12:03 pm

    Very interesting read! I have always been a fan of Jack Daniels but now I will give the others a try!

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