9 Reasons Shopping Makes You Happy

If you are like most people, shopping brings you unexplainable joy, pleasure, and excitement. Your gender or age doesn’t matter much here; buying a new outfit or upgrading your furniture will definitely make you happy. Indeed, shopping is magical and therapeutic!

The only time shopping feels less pleasurable is when you overspend. That is to say that for as long as you shop within your means, you will always have something worth celebrating. But where does this happy feeling come from? To help you understand, here are 9 compelling reasons why shopping makes people happier.

  1. It allows you to live in the moment

When you step into a store, you leave all your life baggage at the door and enter a world of fun and satisfaction. All your focus and concentration shifts from your normal routine and the stresses that come with it to sampling and bargaining for your favourite items. When finding a shoe that matches well with your favourite dress, for example, is a mindful activity that will make you forget life around you and live in that and only that moment. And because your focus is on the item that you desire most at that particular moment, you can never be sad.

  1. It is a very social event

Everyone is busy with family and work; there is technically no time to socialize. Well, except that shopping time is a perfect socialization time. When you go on a shopping trip with your boys/girls club or relatives, you get time to catch up and have some fun.

That is the time you take lunch or breakfast with your high school classmate who you haven’t seen in months. If you have time to spare, you can even enjoy a movie with a friend or have some cocktail together. These are great social activities that are precipitated by shopping. You feel happy at the thought of shopping because you associate it with those happy activities.

  1. Makes you feel amazing and important

When you shop for things that improve your general outlook, you start feeling amazing. A new dress will make you feel beautiful. It makes you imagine how all eyes will be on you once you wear it to work or to a party; how important you will be then. A new cologne or nail polish will get your colleagues admiring you all day, making you feel better about yourself.

Whenever you imagine these moments as you shop, a warm feeling sweeps across your heart. Also, as online shopping platforms have evolved, now you can find anything online. Starting from home appliances and decorations, such as wall art canvases, to different brands of clothes and footwear.

  1. It is satisfying

Running out of milk or groceries can make you feel stressed. Not having nice clothes can leave you feeling out of place. Living in a house with old, outdated furniture can hurt your self-esteem.

These are needs to which your happiness is tied. Needs that will give you unimaginable satisfaction when met. And because it is through making purchases that you will get good food, clothes, and shelter, the simple act of shopping makes you happy.

  1. You mostly meet people with positive vibes

Shopping assistants and customer care attendants are trained to be happy at all times. Their smiles are contagious. They spread positive vibes and treat shoppers with respect. Who can ever feel depressed when in the midst of such people?

  1. You feel in charge

Customer is king; you make whichever pronunciations you feel like making and no one will pin you down for them. You get to choose which attendant will serve you, the items you will buy, and even the shop to enter. You can enter a shop, sample items, and leave without making any purchases. That feeling of “being in charge” is a happy feeling.

  1. Shopping precipitates positive changes

Maybe you are shopping in readiness for a once-in-a-lifetime event, say your wedding. Maybe you are shopping for your unborn baby’s clothes. These are events that will precipitate positive changes in your life. People will start seeing you in a different light after that event. That anticipation of great things to come makes you happy.

  1. It helps you know yourself better

Whether you are shopping physically or online, browsing through a wide range of items- picking some and leaving some, leads to self-discovery. You know what you like, what you can tolerate, and what you hate by having all possible options at your disposal.

Knowing that you have choices in life makes you feel worthy. Online shopping, in particular, allows you to sample as many brands as time will allow. And because there are tons of online platforms offering amazing deals, you will always get what you truly want and deserve regardless of the size of your budget.

  1. It’s a confidence booster

All the 8 points above culminate in this: Confidence. Feeling important, being in charge, anticipating new and great things, socializing, and feeling satisfied in life makes you more confident.

In conclusion

Being a shopaholic is great in that you will never feel sad. Just be sure to shop within your means. And if you are passionate about interior design, it is important that you shop for décor items that make your home contemporary, cozy, and beautiful. Above all, ensure that you shop online for great customizable wall art canvases that will make you happy every time you look at them.

Guest post by: Anila Scott <[email protected]>