The missus and her pearly whites

I’m lucky enough to have a plethora of stag do’s and weddings to attend this summer. The suit has been tailored and bagged, top hat sourced, hotels booked, and under the right light I’m even getting something resembling muscle tone.

Although you can’t depend on that light. (Dudley Moore gag). You may think that’s won and done in the planning department, but what about the business card?

No I’m not referring to the cheap 5,000, no-watermark or raised lettering, roach material business cards you got from Vistaprint, I’m of course referring to your teeth! After all, your smile is your true business card as I coined in my article for Menswear Style.

But the land of teeth whitening can be a precarious place. Thwart with perilous danger, blighted by cavernous potholes, booby-traps, and … wait sorry I’m describing the path to One-Eyed Willies treasure.

My point being there are many options on the table if you’re looking to get your teeth whitened, and so many people do it, without knowing the facts. I decided to get mine spruced up at Dawood & Tanner General Dental Practice down at Montagu Mansions, Marylebone.


A rare one of me smiling

It is worth noting that only Dentists are legally allowed to prescribe tooth whitening in the UK. I have heard of some really shocking stories of patients purchasing whitening products on the internet, putting all sorts of unknown and potentially untested chemicals on their teeth, which are essentially stripping away the enamel, not to mention getting chemical burns from the illegal products they are using. Dr Saul Konviser

After a nice chat with Saul he introduced me to a few ideas beyond teeth whitening that could help with my general dental hygiene. Here were my takeaways:

  • Brush and floss twice a day.
  • Avoid frequent intake of acidic foods or drinks such as juices or fizzy drinks, keeping them to mealtimes only.
  • Do not brush immediately after eating or drinking acidic food or drinks.
  • Minimise the consumption of tea, coffee and red wine – all of which contribute to stain build up.
  • Ensure toothpaste is low abrasive in nature.

Saul working his magic

The discussion was thorough, and the instructions were clear. The Dentist and I both intimated that we weren’t looking for Simon Cowell-esque pearly whites, but just a subtle lift. After a debrief I was summoned to the chair and we cast the moulds for the trays. When I returned some weeks later we commenced with the Zoom whitening treatment which lasted just over an hour. (They play some nice Soul Music to keep you company). We took some before and after pictures and although my teeth were in good nick colour wise (Dr Konviser’s words, not mine) they had definitely notched up a couple of shades.

“Tooth whitening is a popular, safe and effective treatment for whitening natural teeth. It is certainly the least invasive method of improving the appearance of stained natural teeth and something I would always recommend a patient considers first before going down the route of more invasive treatment options such as veneers and crowns.” Dr Saul Konviser

In summary, teeth whitening should be left to the professionals. Just like getting a tattoo or hiring an assassin. (Although I don’t condone either of those). And if you have a big day on the horizon, think of giving your teeth a bit of TLC, much like you would when hiring the right tuxedo or organising the pool party for the stag do.

Prices at Dawood & Tanner General Dental Practice:

Home Whitening – £299

‘Zoom’ In-Surgery Whitening – £499

You can contact Dawood & Tanner General Practice for further information here.

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