No Booze, week 4

Just taking a quick break from writing an article on 3 rules on style layering for any weather. It feels slightly paradoxical, but I’m fudging my way through it. Has taken the best part of the day. Working from the missus place in London, the cats have occupied the desk all day, periodically jumping on the keyboard or lap for a cuddle.

I followed Philly out on the balcony. I love watching him weave his way through the metal bars and leap from our balcony to the next. Such a ballsy cat. I think secretly he’s just a peeping tom and likes to spy on our neighbour. You’ll see it’s harder than it looks because in the picture below he slipped and poleaxed himself. But he wore it like a champ. Turned, came back in to safer terrain.

They can be a distraction sometimes, but I love having them round when I work.

Writing can be a god awful day spent indoors, especially if you’re pretending to be an authoritarian on a particular subject.

Lastly before I go. I’ve accepted an invitation to Chivas whisky tasting event at Searcy’s in the Shard next week. Can’t turn down the money I’m afraid but this will be a very live trigger. Having to taste whisky, but not consume. Keep you posted on events.

Last day in London, tomorrow. Zug, Switzerland. Will miss these guys.

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