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Out and about in London the last couple of days I wanted to post some quick imagery of winter coats. I have to say UK you need to move away from the dull navy blue down jackets and blue denim look. It really is dull as f*cking dishwater.

I’m ambivalent towards the ubiquity of North Face also. It’s soulless in design, fine for Doormen and Sound Engineers, these are the least fashionable people on the planet.

If you’re interested in shopping the look I’ve made an attempt to get the match or close equivalent to every image. If you click on each image it will take you to the shop page. If the shop is out of stock (OOS) I’ve linked to my Pinterest.

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The gentleman on the left looks the spit of Stellan Skarsgård doesn’t he? Well he might look a little deflated with life, but I did fancy his 4 button front marl grey overcoat with butterfly collar. Similar to a Sisley Wool Overcoat that is similar, more contemporary. (OOS). 

grey winter coat street style

Feeling Grey?

I like the winter coat on the left. Tried to find something similar with the slant button placket, but the concealed placket is the most identifiable feature and have linked the image to a reasonable priced cashmere coat from The Platinum Tailor.

The gentleman below has a more standard broad collar on his grey overcoat, paired nicely with light blue denim and brown suede chelsea boots.

I’ve linked the image to something similar for £300 on Suit Supply.

man walking across road on phone

How am I doing? Think you have a closer match with the coats listed? Leave a comment in the box below with the relevant links, I welcome your support to send people to the correct products.

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The gentleman above looks the nails in this scarlet military jacket. Like all good military jackets it has the tunic collar. Reminds me of a River Island one that is not sold out, Hugo Boss did one similar that’s also gone so I’ve linked to a Burberry Wool equivalent from their SS18 collection. Careful, it’s 1500 sheets.

FAIR ISLE SEASONman wearing aztec coat

Tricky area this, Fair Isle. You’ll see dozens of Xmas jumpers and sweaters now winter has hit. Mostly novelty bilious garments. Hey each to their own. But not many Fair Isle cardigans or coats about. This one is a short rise, almost peacoat in style.

The notched lapels has introduced an element of class. If you click on the image I’ve linked to something similar from Knitwear Masters for $250. Not cheap, agreed. If you’re looking for a one off Xmas jumper, you won’t have trouble finding something for 20-30 quid. If you want to be seen out, might be worth investing a bit more.

Fair Isle Fact

Fair Isle knitting gained a considerable popularity when the Prince of Wales (later to become Edward VIII) wore Fair Isle tank tops in public in 1921. Traditional Fair Isle patterns have a limited palette of five or so colours, use only two colours per row, are worked in the round, and limit the length of a run of any particular colour


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man wearing black and white check winter jacket

Top marks to the gentleman above. At first glance it looks like a black and white check, but I detect blue in there also. The orange paisley pocket square, the scarf and subtly layered and prepped for winter with the down jacket beneath. This gentleman clearly knows what he is doing. I’ve linked to something similar from Gresham Blake you might like to see.

That’s it from me, let me know what grabbed your fancy. If you have anything to say, drop me a comment in the box below.

mens grey winter coat and scarf

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