Trump protesters in London

Well shame on you for letting a man do that, or any man that does that. That means you, dear. Miss Marshall. Shame on you, you macho shit head.” Dorothy, Tootsie.

Meeting the Trump Protestors

I’m taking one last picture in Trafalgar Square of the feminist rally opposed to the inauguration of Donald Trump, before heading off to the Bond Museum with my Annie.

A woman approaches. Could have been 40 or 60. Not in great shape, her teeth have been sharpened by poor life choices and stained with years of neglect. The conversation begins in a civil tone.

Trump protestors in London

Woman: Do you have change for a ten pound note?

Me: No sorry.

Woman: I just need two five pound notes.

Me: I’m dreadfully sorry, can’t help you.

Woman: [Visually annoyed]. Are you able to give me ANY money?

Me: Not this time round sorry.

Trump protestors in London

Woman: [Turns to Annie] How about you, change for a tenner? Please you have to help me here.

Annie: Sorry, we have nothing.

Woman: Wow, well thanks for nothing. You know something, you should have come better prepared.

Me: Lady, I ain’t the one asking for money.

Woman: What are you doing here?

Me: I ain’t answering any of your questions.

Trump protestors in London

Woman: You know it’s illegal to take pictures of people without their permission?

Me: That’s not actually true.

Woman: You are breaking the law.

Me: It’s not illegal to take pictures of people standing in a public place.

Woman: The laws are different for Trafalgar Square. You are breaking the law.

Me: Only if the pictures are for commercial purposes. No one is giving me any money, just like I’m not giving you any money. If you had asked me nicely, I might have helped you out. But your attitude stinks.

Trump Protestors

Woman: You don’t belong here. You …. don’t …. belong! Us women have been deprived and browbeaten by the likes of you long enough. We won’t take it anymore. You men think you can bully us women, well guess what, we-

Annie: Lady, shut the fuck up.

Trafalgar Square protestors

I do take pictures of Strangers whilst out and about in London. You can follow my Street Style board on Pinterest.

All other pictures link to my Instagram page. If you wish to use any of these Trump Protestors please email me in the contact page of my blog.

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